Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wake out West in full swing

A funereal gloom has descended over Bob's fiefdom of Western Eco Robbers Inc. Rodders has put the wind up all and sundry. The bottom line suggests there will be firings galore. The wake has already started.
It’s like somebody’s died here – it’s like a wake. Some of these people have put their life and soul into building this city.

Good news as a ratepayer. Deadwood about to be pruned. The sooner this funeral is over the better.
And I just don’t think people realise what’s at stake. Local government effects their everyday life more than central government.

Damned right! Local government infests everything private property related and stymies anything owners attempt to do.

Even the most ancient trough wallower in the West is fearful for her job. I can remember paying exorbitant rates under her as Mayor of Glen Eden before the failed advertising spin doctor turned his hand to rorting local government and pulled the rug from under her. And I still wonder what a council does other than sometimes collect rubbish.

It’s like looking at a car where the engine and all the wheels have been removed and the passengers are still arguing over who’s going to sit in the front seat.

The Orklund mares are onto it. Quote of the saga.

Mr Tamihere says he might be able to lend a hand to Mr Harvey once he’s out of a job in 18 months

"We’ve got an employment agency here at the trust and we might be able to do his CV."

"I’m having too much fun sitting on the sidelines watching these other plonkers."

JT is doing a bit of stirring. Bob reckons he will still be there after the funeral poking his nose into my life as a Westie property owner. As a multiple ratepayer, I certainly hope not.

A (council funded/sponsored?) coalition of shit-stirrers has been formed at short notice. More likely some council wallahs looking to extend the size of their trough. Protest march today to hear the gospel according to Bob.

I hope Rodders continues unabated on his path of divine retribution toward the supercity.

Bring it on, Rodders.


Protest march joined by usual suspects: Councillors soon to be out of a job, Green MP looking to stir the pot and those wishing for undemocratic representation by virtue of race.

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