Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sniping in JafaLand

WOBH suggests that non-Jafas should STFU and leave Orklund matters to them north of the Bombays.

I say not. Having lived there for more four decades, but recently seen the light for a country lifestyle sojourn to refresh, I feel I might be well entitled to let forth on such matters of import. Along with an interest in the place with my family and renters there I feel I am more than qualified to comment as I see fit.
I think it's time for Andrew Williams to decide what's best for Auckland and indeed for local representation, understand that following the Royal Commission, decisions have been made.

The knockers like the Cock of the Shore and Aortic Brown definitely need to be reigned in. Unfortunately its just the Westie eco-dinosaur pushing buttons and protecting his soon to be lost patch.

Come on Cameron, I think you will find most irrespective of residential location actually support the super city. When implemented it will become the blue print for other councils. Well overdue some would say.

Suck it in and put up with the sniping. Rodders is doing a half decent job so far. We are all after the same result.

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