Friday, April 24, 2009

"A hornets nest has been strirred"

We will stop them from building houses, we will stop them from building roads, we will stop them from building anything on the land.

Land wars are about to erupt in Northland at Tinopai over a large subdivision as the locals get septic about not being given racially based unelected representation.
Maori will come from the four winds to protect this land as this affects them from all over the land.

Ken Mair's 1995 sit in at Wanganui's Moutoa Gardens doesn't have a patch on what is promised here. Locals have declared the whole area sacred, covering areas like the subdivision they do not own.
Maori are "seething, there's anger all over the place".

As usual, such matters brings the worst out in people.

Central government will have to do something about this situation.

Damned right. I look forward to watching this saga play out.

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KG said...

Aaah yes--the joys of separatism and the destruction of property rights in the name of it...
We're going backwards.