Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liarbour backtracks to win votes

After Liarbour passed its poorly received legislation on the high tide area and below in 2004, the racist separatist Maori Party was formed as a direct result. There was a 'haters and wreckers' march of what looked like the activist unemployed, bludgers and stirrers on the government of the day.

The greivance industry could sniff there was a dollar or two to be had in owning the seabed and adjuncts. The new law stopped any traffic down that avenue, the only piece of legislation I would admit that Liarbour got right. The issue continues to fester as those who think they have entitlement over the rest of New Zealanders continue to stir the pot.

Subsequently there has been a continued loss in votes for Liarbour from those looking for more handouts. The vote bleed culminated in the loss of the general election of late 2008 by Liarbour.

Six months later, the chief architect has fired a parting shot as he prepares to leave Parliament. He says Liarbour nows supports repeal and a bipartisan review.

There is a so called review panel schlepping its way around the country pandering to those who supposedly might gain from changes. Meanwhile New Zealanders in the real world continue to work their guts out staving off the reccession.

I do not believe the review is anything but partisan and should this can of worms ever be re-opened it will ultimately lead to civil war.

I hope that the current legislation remains in force.


homepaddock said...

I beg to differ on this.

It's an issue of property rights, very similar to the principles farmers cite in disputes over pastoral lease land and public access.

PM of NZ said...


If it was property rights, I would support it.

The issue is that those in the grievance industry with a misguided sense of a entitlement perceive it so.