Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Mainland and The Pig Island

Fresh from sticking an 'H' into Mr Laws of FongaNooEeee, the band of oxygen thieves more politely referred to as the Geographic Board has set it's penultimate agenda to stirring another hornet's nest looking at legal names for the main islands of New Zealand.
South Island, the larger of the pair, is also known locally as "the Mainland," while North Island, where three-quarters of the population lives, is also called "Pig Island," partly for the wild pigs that Cook brought during a visit and that still roam in the wilderness.

No problems. Being of Cantabrian extraction myself, I can see no issue with 'The Mainland' and 'The Pig Island'.

Like New Zealand, other places such as Wanganui, Mt Egmont and Mt Cook remain the correct names.

Only one item now required for the agenda. Immediate disbanding of the board.

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