Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ex MP practices dark arts of hand reading in court

You've written your own script on your left hand so you can lie to us when you're giving evidence.

Field said he had not known that.

Naivety he suggests as an ex-Liarbour MP is snaptured by the beak actively reading from hand written notes on his palm.
If it were permissible, a witness would be able to bring notes to court, and you have seen that's not allowed.

The beak reminds him that others cannot bring notes into court, a fact of which he was aware. The examination continues further.
Come on, Mr Field. Can you not answer a straight question with a straight answer?

An ex-legislator with many practised years in the trough continuing to flout the law with half-arsed devious replies I'd suggest.

The depths to which MP's descend never cease to astound me. This one is in the headlights. Pity some more weren't. I could think of two more that definitely should be. One works for NZ Post, the other has swanned off to the UN.

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