Sunday, July 12, 2009

Union losers crying foul over forced unemployment

The Mitre10 orange barn in the Palmerston North has changed hands recently.

Upon the takeover a select few were given DCMs, effective immediately. They were escorted from the premises as security cleared their lockers. At the time a couple of weeks ago I thought great, must be the in house unionised getting their marching orders, although the story in the MW Standard at the time did not say anything about that.

At least eight staff who turned up for work on June 26 were called to the Palmerston North store's management office and told they were being made redundant.

The only explanation was that a condition of the sale of the store to the Kovaleski family was that some jobs would no longer be required.

Seems I was right about being the site unionised. They are now crying foul and stirring the pot trying to get their jobs reinstated. I say good on the previous owner for having the guts to fire the losers. Expect to see a picket line of the feral unwashed unemployed sometime soon when the expected mediation fails, or better still, does not occur.

"The Kovaleski family will be working in the store and will bring a level of business acumen and the spirit ... that is required in these challenging economic times."

Stuff that say the new owners. Their view is obviously that workers wasting their day on union matters is not on in these recessionary times. Rightly so, never in my book.

I congratulate PN Mitre 10 on their newly found level of business acumen and spirit.
Pity a whole lot of other companies do not change hands to excise unionists.

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