Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some common sense on body snatching

As if there could be any civil way to conduct a body snatching, Dr Walker utters some common sense for those contemplating such an act.
should have stood by the widow, found out what her wishes were and supported her in the expression of her wishes

Supporting the grieving spouse and engaging in dialogue.

A much better way of resolving any issues at the time of tragedy.


Anonymous said...

"Rural Maori need to start accepting Pakeha customs, Maori protocol expert Dr Ranginui Walker says..."

wow, I've never heard the Dr. says anything like that before. My impression from other media appearances was that he was well and truely in the Maori Sovereignty camp.

PM of NZ said...

Yes, I was of the same opinion. Rawiri Taonui has also spoken sense on this matter. Very unusual for both of these men to change sides.

'those who took Mr Takamore's body ought to apologise for the cultural bullying...'

Like yourself, I do wonder why the sudden change of heart. Maybe they do not wish for such matters souring the pot when the foreshore and seabed is the main game.

Alternatively, what underhanded horse trading has Mr Key done with the Maori Party to engender such as change?