Sunday, July 05, 2009

"When you steal or take something that isn't rightfully yours"

Notice has been given with the above statement of perceived entitlement.

Mr Laws discusses the options.

And a resurgent Winnie is about to enter the fray. On, I would suggest, a very strong policy. Just the catalyst he has been awaiting. As ever, a shrewd player. We have not seen the last of WRP.

Still such a play will serve the Nats well. They can shovel all the aggro and cries of racism the F&S debate will bring onto Winston. Winnie is well rested and as a seasoned player, no doubt ready to take on all comers on that score. The losers will be both National and Labour.

Bollocks to the headline statement.

It was never proven to be rightfully theirs in the first place. Only in their wildest dreams.

As is said, this is going to be bigger than Ben Hur. Gentlemen, Start your engines!

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