Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Opposition thinks it is still the government

After the Government blocked an inquiry into banks, Labour, the Greens and the Progressives have decided to hold their own one.

Just a wee reminder for Labour, you lost in November and someone else is running the show.
It will be an inquiry into the relationship between the official cash rate and short term interest rates, in the context of matters raised by the finance and expenditure committee in its report on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's financial stability report.
All parties would be invited to participate as well as organisations and businesses, including banks.

A kangaroo court more like it.
This is a serious inquiry by parliamentarians on behalf of New Zealanders. We believe it is appropriate support, including a venue, is made available, so that the public and media can attend.

Eh? The opposition does not set up such inquiries. An inquisition into the corrupt and fraudulent dealings of Labour over the last decade would be more valuable. Unfortunately that will not happen either. All politicians are painted with the same gutter tar.

And once the interest rates drop, I suppose you'll want a dole handout to top up the loss in interest for those in Kiwislaver and other deposits?


Inventory2 said...

Indeed PM - but as I have blogged, I'd be quite happy for Cunners (Silent T) to have his enquiry PROVIDING the terms of reference included a question on why he did not revoke Bill Liu's resindency when advised to by his officials. That's only fair, don'tcha think??!!

ZenTiger said...

Thank goodness I've found your post!

I thought I was going mad when I saw the press release, and came to the same sort of conclusion as you have. Yet the media and blogs are quiet.

I think this is actually a fairly significant event in terms of the opposition acting "in parallel" to the government, given they are requesting government resources to hold a kangaroo court without the proper mandate. This is very different to going out and doing some market research off their own bat. It's quite disturbing. I've never noticed an opposition party in NZ undertake such a thing in this way before. Have I missed something?

Labour and Greens Vote Themselves In

PM of NZ said...

ZT and IV2, What I find really disturbing is that John Boy just lets it all wash over him.

Always reactive, he just lets the opposition lead the story. At least Helen actually drove the agenda. Phil In is just continuing in that vein.

As far I am concerned Johnny Boy is fast losing control. Taking 24 hours or more to consult his spin doctors and then issue a half arsed rebut is a PM not fully in control I fear.

At least Helen and Muldoon always had an on the spot answer.