Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liarbour harvesting voter details

As if one might fill in a questionaire from Mickey Cullen's employer.

A questionaire plumbing for personal info.
  • Income
  • Finances
  • Vehicles
  • Home ownership
  • Mortgages
  • Investment properties
  • Businesses
  • Where and what you spend
  • Travel
  • Ethnicity (no New Zealander option)
  • Charities you support
  • Occupation

One wonders about the IQ of who might fill out such detail. Potential Liarbour voters, no doubt. As ever, looking for that prize of another handout from the taxpayers of this country.

Although, I have filled mine in. And it gets posted back today, via their freepost.

No IQ test taken. It just says in big black felt pen "STOP WASTING MY TAXES".

HT Psycho Milt over at No Minister


Pique Oil said...

Originally I tossed it in the bin, however upon reflection I filled some of it out with the very best of intentions and posted it off.
My contribution should skew the results quite nicely.

PM of NZ said...

PO, No offence to yourself, but could I suspect your skewed answers might show that you are a rich capitalist prick with multiple heavily geared investment properties, a large and diverse share portfolio with a bevy of top end vehicles stabled in your garages?

Not to mention that you do not work for a living but earn a multitude of air points jetting worldwide on permanent holiday between your many estates.

Those stats should definitely skew the result.

Here's also betting you do not win any of the prizes on offer.

Pique Oil said...

No offence taken at all.
My answers showed that I am a very complex individual who is really unsure about him/her/itself. an amalgam of all things possible.
I did my best to make myself as non specific as possible.
for example the address I gave was Fitzherbet bridge city side.
We operate a business from home selling health products! We don't buy fuel or food or pay tax, our cars are Hispano Suizas etc etc.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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