Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last of the cabal awakes

The last high priestess of the feminazi triumvirate that has infested this country over the past decade is making an epic stand.
statutory changes to bring down the parole component of the sentence ... and early release amnesty.

Are we ready for solutions such as these?

Some might say her last utterances as a public figure.

rise of popular anxiety about crime".

There needed to be "better communication about why alternatives to prison are in the public interest ... to counter community scepticism".

It is plainly evident the message on Joe Public having had a gutsful of crime is not getting through.
significant safety and human rights issues

The ultimate in arrogance from a government stooge who believes criminals actually have rights.

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Anonymous said...

If a person suffered from any kind of anxiety, would you force them into the situation that created the anxiety to start with in order to resolve it?

That is what is being offered by that over educated twat. A mere "oh just grow up and move on!" type solution.

What next? Weekend retreats for rape victims with rapists to heal any PTSD?