Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nuts to IL-33

Bet most would not have heard of that molecule, but someday knowledge of it may save your life.

And how might that happen, you ask? Apparently 1 in 70 or worse children in the UK are at risk.
The researchers found that patients who had anaphylaxis during surgery had higher levels of an immune hormone called IL-33 in their body.

Seems this molecule amplifies inflammatory reactions in us humans. Particularly those that might cause anaphylactic shock like those that result from eating nuts or taking certain drugs.

In our study we found that the severity of the shock is linked to the IL-33 molecule which acts as an amplifier to the inflammatory reaction.

This can lead to a fatal constriction of the airway and, ultimately, death.

Scottish researchers found the link and says that in the future by controlling the IL-33 molecule via a ST2 treatment, the reaction severity will be lessened.

Good news indeed.

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