Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not even with your bargepole...

No I am not going to blog about the media circus that is Phil In's life at the moment. He appears to be writing the final chapters in his autobiography very well by himself.

Nor am I going to blog about the travesty we witnessed in the courtroom but thankfully completed this week. RIP Sophie. I will say thank you Mr Weatherston Snr for being the gentleman with your commentary.

However I am watching that other circus of corruption being played out in another courtroom as Big Dad's obfuscations are being proven. Unfortunately, even if proven against Big Dad, the main players in these matters will not be charged. That is the way of NZ Politics. Rotten to the core.

Meanwhile to the main topic.
Microsoft says Windows 7 is complete

Microsoft is about to visit another plague upon us.

As the headline suggests, not even with yours. I for one, will not be downgrading from Vista Ultimate.

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