Thursday, January 28, 2010

1,743,000 litres of liquid fert per day

In simpler terms that some might visualise more easily, that is 75 rugby paddocks filled to the top of the goalposts. Each day.

Or 27,000 rugby paddocks per year filled to the top of the goalposts.

Now that is not a minor amount of bullshit. In fact it is a lot of cowshit.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

While I agree with the call in and oppose the proposed activity, let's get a bit of perspective. Your 1.7 million litres per day will likely comprise 99.5% water.

PM of NZ said...

Adolf, I fully realise that - it is 100 litres per cow per day. And from the cows on my farm, the solid volume per cow would be lucky to top 5 litres per day. The liquid deposits are another matter.

I was just interested on the numbers and had a calculator handy.