Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wanted: 360 Degree Feedback

Along similar lines to Not PC, readers are invited to provide feedback on this blogger.

Positive and negative comments, along with fatwas or the like, are welcomed, but may or may not elicit a reply. Should you really want to snivel, a cheap red will do.

All yours.


Michael said...

Well I visit here almost daily. I have about 50 blogs in my folder but PM is in about my top 10. By way of review I like what you do - pungent and pithy,relevant and verbally economical. I am feeling guilty because I don't comment but I generally do a quick run over the target before leaving on the commute about 6.00 am - no more time. You do good work.

pdm said...

Agreed Michael - you also don't attract the idiot rednecks from either left or right.

Some of your boating experiences would be of interest and you might attract felleow boatee Paul Tremewan who hangs out in the comments at Homepaddock to join in with his experiences. That is if you are not one and the same I guess.

Keep up the good work as with you and INV2 at Keepint Stock the Central NI is well represented.

Come on the Bay!!!

pdm said...

OOps typo's - should boatee be boater? and Keepint should be Keeping.

Boatie Jane said...

I like this blog, it's always ineresting and fun. Not too heavy, not too light, and not mentioned in the Dom Post's editorial and basically anti-blog rant yesterday (who cares). Good work, this blog is an inspiration! PM of NZ can both spell and write.

Boatie Jane said...

Typos, Jane.!

ZenTiger said...

Some questions then:

What got you into blogging?

How long did you comment before starting your own blog?

You said you'd be happy with a "cheap red". That might simply mean you like the fact good Aussie wines are so cheap over here :-) So my question is: Any real preference - Shiraz, Merlot, Cab, Blended or "as long as the carton is three litres?

PM of NZ said...

All, Cheers for the comments.

Although at times I do not get many actual comments, I see the number of lurkers are steadily rising. But that may just be the rising tide of the blogs.

To reply and add;

'verbally economical' - never a great writer of the long written word unlike some, but blogs are good for making one think before spraying everywhere. And I've done a bit of that. Early D4J comes to mind as a prime example, seems to have been neutered of late.

No I am not PT - must have a closer look at what he puts up.

Gone off the 3L riot packs, although have been known to be connoisseur of such in younger days. Maybe that is why I have worn so well...

A shiraz is the favoured plonk, if it is over $10 it is too expensive. After all some quack once said 'a glass a day of red is good for you', just didn't specify the glass size.

Blogging? Online multiple times daily for years. Lurked for a long time, thinking all the while I could write something like that. At least something better than what was sprayed everywhere at times, along with expletive-ridden commentary and ad-hominem attacks.

Always had an interest in business/politics pages of newspapers. Sport leaves me cold. Bunch of professional narcissists. Much like lefties and greenies.

Blogs are just an extension of tech forums, on which I was very used to asking and answering.

Was never ever going to compete with KB, WOBH or NM. Had to start somewhere, so jumped in. Very difficult on dialup intially. Now on VF wireless - a bit easier but gotta watch the data cap and those pesky videos eating into it.

Pet hates in case you hadn't noticed - lefties, unionised and greenies along with dole bludgers. Same goes for entitled natives, those who infest councils and those supposedly doing 'the Lord's work' - social engineering on my ratepayer dollar and taxes. Now don't me get started on those at the bottom of the sewer - pollies.

Hope this answers and looking forward to hearing more from y'all.

360 Degree Feedback said...

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Cheers, Steve

PM of NZ said...

360 DF - The blog name - My initials and proudly, where I live.

360 feedback said...

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