Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remember this piece of hypocrisy?

From not so long ago...
“Dr Brash’s lies may now be largely irrelevant, but Mr Key has a great deal of explaining to do before Monday morning. At this point there is no reason to believe anything other than that Mr Key was deeply involved in the campaign of deception and cover-up around the Exclusive Brethren’s role in the election campaign.”

Why New Zealand politicians spend so much time each year chasing certain types of religious votes whilst slamming other religions for expressing political views is hypocritical beyond belief.

the relationship with the Ratana movement, which was founded in 1936, was no "fad" and had stood the test of time

The head of the church, or Tumuaki, Haare Meihana, supports Labour. He does not advise followers to vote for Labour.

More hypocrisy in a similar vein by Liarbour's Phil Goff. You could bet your house tapping that support is the only reason the pollies turn up in the Wanganui backblocks to waste a weekend. What's the betting they do not turn up at your local EB or other God-botherers to garner your support. That's right, you are not the right sort.

HT Democracy Mum has a similar view.

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