Monday, January 18, 2010

Unproductive want general wage order

Granny Herald has been asking the unwashed about lifting the minimum wage from $12.50 for zero increase in productivity. Not suprisingly the respondents are in favour of more taxpayer-funded largesse.
these people are on the bottom of the food chain and should be supported to get an increment

The Maori Party, Green Party and Labour all support the $15 level

As expected, the usual suspects are there with their hands out awaiting a hefty increase. More than ever ready to steal from actual taxpayers. The bludgers continue to expand.
Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly said the CTU had made a submission to the Government calling for $15, which she believed was affordable

No wonder unions support $15, where else would they get a 20% general wage order.

I support nil increase and total removal of any minimum wage. Someone has to do the menial jobs for piss-poor rates. That is what drives workers to upskill themselves or increase their productivity.


Inventory2 said...

I've also blogged on this PM - interestingly, we pay well above minimum wages to all our staff (by choice), and our business grew by around 35% last year whilst there was a recession on.

ZenTiger said...

Here's another way that those on a low wage can gain more money - demand zero tax on the first $25K of income.

All tax payers would benefit from this, and the government would have to cut back on things such as this: Another tax expenditure we could manage without

Oswald Bastable said...

Minimum wage jobs should be considered 'entry point positions'

You shouldn't be planning to stack shelves forever.

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