Thursday, January 28, 2010

Communist Party Emergent

All pretences that the Greens represent nothing but communism is completed today as the last environmentalist chucks in the towel.

New Zealand really does have the reds under the bed, in the bed and at the trough.


ZenTiger said...

I disagree, the environmentalism remains a central part of their religion. The high priestess steps down, and the new one will learn the rites to keep their members in communion with nature. This link to nature is very important to modern communist (leftist) thought. It remains a key reason for attacking the concept of property rights - property in the literal sense that is, the concept that no-one can own the land we were all born to have access to. Property Rights to the Green movement is limited to the value of ones labour - ideally $15.00 per hour, across the board for all people (after tax).

Am I being too harsh?

libertyscott said...

The link to nature has been important to many totalitarians. The Nazis worshipped it as well. The Green view is that we share the earth until we die, the idea you can own any part of it is a bit of an anathema.