Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Principled or attention seeking?

I admire a blogger taking a principled stand on name suppression laws, I get the feeling that the current stance of Cam Slater at WOBH is going to end in tears.

I wish to state that this blogger does not support what on the face of it appears to be criminal action. I do feel here are other ways of getting message through without breaking laws, however tenuous the claim the publishing of cryptic pictures might be as not breaking name suppression laws.

Mr Plod is out to make an example. It may temporarily make Cam's blog number one in New Zealand, but any gain will be short-lived if jailed as a scapegoat. How is Twitter coverage in the depths of Mt Eden these days?

It will be an interesting case to follow, bound to be fully tweeted and blogged blow by blow.
No precedences that I know of. Who knows he might get lucky and get off on a technicality. God help us if that happens - Whale holier than thou, in our faces as the blogger hero.

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