Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shamelessly touting [Update]

Didn't Cameron do well this morning? First time I've ever watched the morning meme on the box. Thought he presented his case articulately.

To assist with Fundraising for Whaleoil’s legal defence against the 5 charges he faces for breaching name suppression

He also announced that he is opening a site (www.shame.co.nz) for donations to get him through the court cases he faces over breaking name suppression laws.

Has the Mayor of Wanganui, Michael Laws onboard,
if that is any help. I believe he has been previously charged with breaking a suppression order. [Update: Not convicted - Michael Laws was discharged without conviction with court costs of $250]

I do not believe the changes sought will assist the delivery of justice in New Zealand. Every person charged is innocent till proven guilty and name suppression is part of that. Post trial, if convicted, the suppression immediately lifted.

Good luck Cameron with your touting for donations.

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Inventory2 said...

He did indeed do well PM - he came across as moderate and considered; totally unlike his blogging persona!