Sunday, January 24, 2010

'Have a slice of watermelon'

Turei will pledge Green Party support "to help John Key's government take steps towards a fair and balanced tax system"

Now that is definitely one slice of watermelon no sane government should be consuming.
we support an open debate on how a comprehensive package, including a land tax, could help us to access the affordable housing we urgently need

there could not be a land tax without proper consideration of Maori land issues or land that is "ecologically sensitive"

will not support any package that includes cuts to the top levels of income tax or any increase in GST because these changes would exacerbate the differences between the rich and poor in our society

A slice of watermelon that is chock-full of goodies. Fishhooks, that is.

No doubt John Boy, in keeping with his precedent of jumping into bed at short notice with the racist separatists, will be calling tomorrow.

Well maybe Tuesday, it's a public holiday in Wellington tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Yes please, with a great big red centre.