Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Normal council service, business as usual

The sky is falling as Rodney Hide pulls the plug on council owned water supplies and heads for privatisation.
would allow councils to contract out water and wastewater to private companies for 35 years. Worse, it would allow private companies to own and control water supply

There's those dreaded NACTional words again. Not only will he eat your babies, but we are to have more stuff privatised. Warnings, such as below are dire.
Not only have many councils and governments had to deal with a community of people struggling to pay their water bills but they also faced budget overruns, sloppy service, erosion of environmental standards, public health crises and corruption

So service wont be any different from what we get from councils now? Business as usual I'd say.

Get on with it Rodders. Anything that cuts the feral socialists and watermelon greenies that infest councils out of the loop to provide core services is good in my book. I look forward to dealing with a capitalist company without the cost-inflationary social engineering.


KG said...

Our local Masterton Council spends a lot of money on stuff entirely unrelated to core services.
Why the hell should I, as a ratepayer, have to subsidise such things as netball courts and access to the internet for local yoof?

PM of NZ said...

KG, The same goes for things like stadiums. As far as I am concerned, councils should have no truck with private enterprise operations such as netball courts, the likes of professional soccer pitches and stadiums.

As for yoof being entertained on your rates bill, don't you understand that they have to get access to porn somehow? What better way than under the guise of keeping them off the streets.

Oswald Bastable said...

I work for a private company contracted to provide the local drinking water.

So far the sky has not fallen and poisonings remain at zero!