Friday, January 29, 2010


The gang pad fence has been deemed illegal.
The council and police will split the costs 50/50 in an application to Wanganui District Court
So why is Mr Plod and the Wanganui Council divvying up costs to remove said fence?

WTF? Send the bloody bill for all costs to those breaking the law.


pdm said...

And so say all of us!!!!

Even better make them take it down under Police supervision and make sure they pay the dump charges themselves.

Anonymous said...

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ZenTiger said...

"Burn a theme"

Whilst the above comment is off topic, and slightly pathetic, it sparks an idea:

Petrol bomb and a supply of sausages. Fun and food for the neighbourhood.

Alternatively, the council only has to put up a sign saying "free fencing material, take what you like" and let people rip.