Saturday, April 16, 2011

An early Easter act

The Government is pouring billions of dollars of good money – taxpayers' money – into failing businesses like South Canterbury Finance and AMI Insurance. It should nationalise AMI and send the people who supposedly ran the company to a tent camp in a Canterbury pine plantation for the winter.

they are creaming it ... [while] taxpayer dollars get siphoned off in billions to save failing businesses

The days of pensioners eating pet food will be over the day we walk back through the doors of Parliament

Lazarus delivers a few home truths and is welcomed with open arms.
Welcome back, it has been a bloody long three years without you

The Easter Bunny rises early, to thunderous applause from his audience.


mawm said...

You've got to hand it to Winnie, he knows what buttons to push.

PM of NZ said...

Yes MAWM, no doubt more than few unimpressed with pinko NACTional will give him their vote.

But not true blue supporters like Adolf.

Should Winston First cross the bar, the next term will be far more entertaining.