Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some things are not to be outsourced

A war of words has erupted over moves by Christchurch RSA bosses to defy a national directive to buy Chinese-produced Anzac Day poppies from next year.

Good on ChCh RSA for taking the stand. One I fully support. As promised, this blogger has not undertaken renewal of his RSA membership this year over this matter. I wonder how many other members have taken similar action.

Some matters military are really above buying from the lowest bidder.

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Murray said...

I found the comments of the head of the workshop in justifing her usurping of RSA funds to be both ignorant and deeply offensive.

Her claim that there are fewer veterans and therefore they have plenty of money to go around is the sort of wealth redistribution BS we could expect of unionist or communist.

If the woman had the slightest knowledge of the organisation which she has made a living off she would be aware that it supports an ever growing base of members. We now have veterans who are teenagers.

And New Zealaland is one of the single worst in the developed world for the treatment of its former servicemen and women.

Her self interest was repugnant beyond words.