Monday, April 11, 2011

Is that our Prime Minister? Really???

Environmental campaigners disrupting oil exploration off the East Cape are standing in the way of "better jobs and better incomes" for New Zealanders, says Prime Minister John Key.

A PM telling professional protesters and eco-loons to bog off. Should do it a whole lot more often, lock them up. Might actually earn my respect and vote.
"This is not a protest," iwi spokesman Rikirangi Gage said. "This is an act of defence of our ancestral lands and waters that have sustained us for generations."

But, like the suddenly disappearing taniwha under motorways and the like, no doubt any cultural problems will be assuaged with a massive greasing of extended palms with taxpayer beads and blankets.


Murray said...

You know I read about the hippies going swiming and for no apparent reason I recalled the tales my father told me about anti-submarine frigates using their mortars to run patterns over shoals of fish in order to get something fresh for the mess.

Why was that do you think?

PM of NZ said...

M, Although I never witnessed one, apparently the 'Star of David' was legendary for rustling up fresh dinner.

Funny that, I for no apparent reason thought similar. During the 1982? Truxton entry into Wellytown, I distinctly remember watching a protestors kayak being terminally crushed on a wharf pile by 3000 tons of Grey Funnel Liner and thinking keel-hauling would have been too good for the tosser.

Protestors launching into the path of any moving ship deserve to be run over or sucked into prop wash.