Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well that's that then [updated]

Rodney gone by lunchtime. Who would have thought? Maybe a tick for ACT in November?

The Nats should now get the message loud and clear that not enough is done to put New Zealand back onto an even fiscal keel. Will they butter up Don, ever ready to stab him in the back later down the track, or continue their tango to apartheid with the racist elite?

Puts Winnie on the backburner. Unfortunate, I was looking forward to him livening up the bear pit.

As suspected, the knives are already out for Don...
an immediate response from one of National's allies - United Future leader Peter Dunne said most voters would be "horrified" at the thought of a Don Brash-led ACT forcing National to the Right.

"Today the reality of what will be at stake in the November 26 election has been spelt out clearly for all New Zealanders - and it should scare them," Dunne said.

"National will lead the next government. Labour is in meltdown and out of the game.

"[Prime Minister] John Key will be horrified at the prospect of being dragged to the right."

The Nats are three years overdue for being dragged hard right to do what is needed.


Anonymous said...

I think the man with the silly haircut has just spelled out his demise in the Ohariu seat.


PM of NZ said...

Exactly my thoughts too, ParaN.

Mort said...

Screw that Gimp, perhaps Brash should stand in Ohariu

PM of NZ said...

Mort, whilst some in Ohariu, possibly like yourself, might favour the dark arts of sadomasochistic deviancy, I suspect a few will opt for a long overdue corrective rightward shift, ousting the coiffured but useless incumbent.

mawm said...

What good news. Now ACT must go out and contest as many seats as possible. A 20% vote mst be their target.

Tanya H said...

Poodle has a cheek. A one-man bad, with very low polling. A swinger between parties, a betrayer of the general voters (ie, anti-smacking bill), a great big nobody. Go jump Dunne. Hope you're goneburgers in Ohariu, even to Labour.

Jumped up little tartlett.

Tanya H said...

A good thing for Act.

Rejuvination, fresh ideas and some true right wing platforms? Real progression. Less of those celebrity drugs.