Friday, April 01, 2011

Judge deports overstayer in hours

  • A Thai overstayer who has been living in New Zealand illegally for 10 years has been deported to Thailand
  • was on a flight back to Thailand this afternoon, about four hours after Judge Kit Toogood turned down his application for a review
  • been in New Zealand since 1996 when he arrived on a three-month visitor permit but stayed on when the permit expired

Excellent. How the judiciary should deal with all overstayers. Now for a few quick dawn raids in South Auckland to drum up more customers...


Murray said...

Theres an Aussie ginga in our parliament who could do with some of that.

Anonymous said...

The guy probably worked hard during his stay and never got a cent of taxpayer money.
Now what was that about south Auckland again?
Easy target the Thai (not poly)
Hasn't bred on that taxpayer tit either.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, you can spin it which ever way you want, but imho South Auckland is full of illegals ex the islands breeding on the taxpayer tit. Of which none of our governments have had the balls to do anything about over the last three decades or more. Apart from the likes of Lyen Len signing them up as Liarbour voters.