Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is there any other way to describe work?

Work is a benefit, business is the benefactor and workers are merely the beneficiaries. Workers should be grateful for a job; a job is a privilege; employers should be lauded for the contribution they make to growing economic wealth.

anyone who joins or seeks to organise a union as disloyal, a wrecker or an ingrate, throwing charity back in the face of the giver ... paints the union as an outsider, an interferer in a relationship based on charity

Some would suggest otherwise. Something along the lines of 'an exchange of labour, with the ever present threat of union thuggery should you not agree, to be milked for all it is worth'.

As I said is there any other way to describe work?

A union spin weasel attempts to rewrite recent history at Scoop, via THM

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