Monday, April 11, 2011

Scolding "straight shooters" [update]

I wouldn't trust them. Between a gaggle of gays and some self-serving unionists, I'm not sure that a straight shooter such as myself would be given a fair deal.

A West Coast straight shooter raises the ire of Liarbour caretaker Philomena Gaffe.
he had "scolded" Mr O'Connor about the comments, which the MP had told him about, "although ... it will probably help him no end on the Coast. He's a pretty straight talker and he used West Coast language.

Mind you, Gaffe will have plenty of time to reminisce after November on why the electorate has grown tired of such depravities as faggots and union thugs.

the comments were inappropriate and ''redneck''

Operation 'Deny, denigrate, delay' is well underway - Liarbour's Prez probably getting its Rainbow faction to smear their MP who dared to speak the truth and be different. 75% of New Zealanders think he is right. Well according to Stuff anyway. But the smear is in, so typical of the left.

Why don't you lot on the left just bugger off? New Zealand has had a gutsful of thieving, lying, self serving thugs such as those that infest the left.

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The Gantt Guy said...

Scolded him? Goff scolded him? For telling the truth? Is he 4 years old?

Which part of his statement was untrue?

O'Connor should stand as an independent and offer confidence & supply to neither of the communist parties. I reckon he'd romp home.