Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleep-walking to an utter disaster

Fancy another three years of Pinko-Lite's Smile and Wave doing nothing?

More of being ever afraid of really taking the scythe to the bloated public service. Of breaking
public service and education unions along with their affiliations for legalised extortion with political parties Of reigning in the welfare bludgers creaming it on your tax dollar.

With numbers like the TV3 poll last night slaying the gaggle of gays and unionists, it is exactly
what New Zealand is sleepwalking to in November. Along with the unholy alliance with the racist separatists and their perverted sense of entitlement.

A truly right conservative offering is lacking, the electorate is paralysed and alseep. ACT is buggered, one-trick pony Rodders is about to be ousted. Thinking of the hippies over at the tree-huggers? Forget them, they are wolves in sheep's clothing, being out and out communists.

Unless you want a disaster New Zealand, complete with continuing to support the hundreds of thousands of welfare bludgers, just keep on keeping on. Vote in the nice Mr Key again, or even tick Caretaker Phil, just vote for more of the same. At least a vote for Winnie might rouse some from their sleep, though I suspect he too will change tack when the track gets hard.

An utter disaster is unfolding and we are in a trance.


Anonymous said...

Can I vote for you PM of NZ? The trouble is, there are no viable alternatives, so why vote at all. Shameful gvot, basket case New Zealand. Shameless National. Socialists in drag.

PM of NZ said...

Thank you for your support, Anon. Might as well vote for anything to the right of the shower that purport to be our leaders.

Anonymous said...

No vote is a protest vote, so no vote it is. What a shocking state NZ politics is in, these days.

Where are the people of grit, the Holyoakes, the Savages, the Kirks and Muldoon? Would they be aghast at the state of the main parties right now? You bet. 'Red gone pink, blue gone purple.

Sell-outs. Especially the celebrity blue team, waving at the sheep!

Sally said...

Reading this article will get your B/P up.


Redbaiter said...

Well said PM, excellent post. (IMHO that is :)

mawm said...

I have to admit that a 'protest' vote for Winnie is becoming a reality. He's a liar and a crook......and belongs with the rest of his ilk.

PM of NZ said...

Yes MAWM, a protest is certainly in order. National is not the option, they need sharply reminding which side they are supposedly batting for. Not voting only serves a default to Liarbour. Winnie looks the best protest option, let them eat cake!