Thursday, April 07, 2011

I couldn't do Budgeting for Bludgers...

A Glenfield solo mother has been refused a food grant to feed her children because of tight new rules for hardship payments.

she had unexpected costs when her stove broke down and she needed a new tyre to get a warrant and registration for her car

has not had a haircut for two years and can't afford a computer for her children

Eh? Priorities totally wrong! Since when did computers and cars become necessities for life?

Then we find further down...

Her stove broke down two weeks ago and the landlord has not replaced it

Yes the stove is the evil landlord's problem. But there is no self help.

had received four hardship grants since September but her debts appeared to be still growing.

"We have asked [her] more than once to meet with us to work on a budget and agree some reasonable steps towards managing her finances. We want to help [her] live within her means, to break out of the debt cycle," he said. "To date, [she] has refused to discuss her budget and costs with us."

But back to the gatekeepers doling out taxpayer wedge to these would be bludgers wanting handouts without the necessary changes in lifestyle.

Unfortunately I take a rather dim view of such blatant abuse of process. I could never keep a straight face doing that job. My line of questioning and subsequent advice at Budgeting for Bludgers would be the following...

Me. 'Do you own a vehicle? Did you drive it here?'

Would be bludger: 'Yes and Yes'

Me. 'Piss off! Next!'


mawm said...

It makes you wonder why you go to work every day. Just a bit of whining and you can get it all for free and some other sucker has all the stresses of work and career.

pdm said...

Next questions if they have no car:

Do you smoke?
Do you drink alcohol?

Yes and yes.

Shove off next please.

The Gantt Guy said...

It would be fun to work there for a week though, doncha think?

'Do you own a car, smoke, drink alcohol or play lotto? If the answer to any of the above is 'Yes', then please queue up at counter 4 for your ritual mocking.'

PM of NZ said...

Love it, GG! Would be pure entertainment.

The Gantt Guy said...

A set of stocks in the waiting area of every WINZ office, perhaps? Anyone wishing to participate in the humiliation (other than the humiliatee, of course) could rock up, present their latest tax return (as evidence of being a net contributor rather than a net taker), and spend a fun afternoon hurling rotten fruit at the Leech Of The Week!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys. Isn't it socialistic government policies that are to blame.