Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lifting the tone

Another sordid sexually charged episode in the serial soap that is our Parliament comes to a close as ex MP Hughes is not charged.

Like many other episodes, the whole saga yet again confirms my views that politicians and other public servants deserve every bit of adverse publicity they attract. Yesterday one pinged for fronting up poorly dressed, today another public servant is sentenced for fingers in the till. They do themselves no favours.

One day I hope our Members of Parliament and public servants might actually do the job for which they are paid exorbitantly with some respect of the position it entails.

Unfortunately, I certainly do not expect that to happen sometime with the current cabal of self interested rorting liars, thieves and assorted idiots that purport to represent us on both sides of the House.

It is well time the tone of the taxpayer funded place was lifted.

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