Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marginal call on neighbourly eugenics

If you've got a million dollar home with $100,000 to $200,000 worth of damage it will be repaired. If you've got a $200,000 home with $150,000 worth of damage, probably it will be a marginal call

Ooooh! I can hear the leftard screams as Herr Gerry looks after his rich prick mates and practices a little neighbourly cleansing in the swankier 'burbs. The lesser mortals will have their homes levelled to provide more leafy lanes and open spaces for real ratepayers. Meanwhile, Gerry
says estimates of around 12,000 Christchurch homes having to be destroyed after the latest earthquake are "probably" in the right ballpark

Some saw that coming nine months ago. Those of lesser genetic and social worth will soon be 'invited' to move away to greener pastures when the Gauleiter gets around to issuing his diktat.
Brownlee said decisions could not be rushed

Probably about Nov 27th, homeowners will find where the neighbourly margins fall.

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