Friday, June 10, 2011

You have to be joking

Teachers will be required to learn the Maori language and culture under new rules to be introduced next month

The edukation police are forcing teachers to join the culturally indoctrinated such as nurses as more insidious claptrap is fed to our children. Mr Key, your "give them an inch, they'll take a mile" pandering to the native vote gets worse by the day.
"I went to one school where they asked me in for advice ... I said, `Well, who's the local iwi here?' ... They didn't even know."

So bloody what? Does it make one iota of difference to learning the 3R's knowing who the local iwi are? I don't see implementation any time soon of similar programs to enlighten the children where the local chapters of the Brethren or the Mongrel Mob reside.

Well, I am Government and I'll certainly implement as many of those things myself as I can

Pita Sharples getting above his station as he thinks he is the dog wagging the tail.

You have to be bloody joking to allow this National. When is pandering to this cultural madness going to end?

A vote for Winston firms up daily. As ACT disappears into the margin of error.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a functioning memory mate?
Remember who Peters brought into parliment the first time his party got some power?
Have a look at those people and what they are saying and doing now.
Wtf makes you think he will do anything but team up with labour or the racist party.

It's early days for the new ACT and they will have plenty of opportunity to improve their ratings in the next few months.
I hope they will loudly oppose the wasteful and craven policies of the maori/national government, whilst presenting their own and showing how they will benefit all new zealanders, especially the poor. eg. the ETS, taxfree thresholds, reducing gst, dealing to unneeded redtape/rentseeking etc. all good things that are worth some borrowing for as they will actually give a return.

PM of NZ said...

Who ya callin' mate?

ACT had their chance and have failed miserably wasting it on a yellow suited coward.

However, I do agree about the wasteful and craven policies being currently enacted whilst pandering to racist separatists.

Another dose of Liarbour/NZFirst is the very medicine this country requires to force National back to well right of centre onto a path of fiscal conservatism that also puts the natives firmly in their place as NZ citizens and nothing else. Obviously a decade of criminal abuse of the economy by Liarbour was not enough to drive that message home.

KG said...

"When is pandering to this cultural madness going to end?"
Just as soon as the Kiwi taxpayers grow a pair.