Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phonetic reporting by a repeater

case was later heard by two naval police coxins

A Herald Sun staff writer that needs to learn how to spell the Queen's English.

Maybe a coxswain might help?


pdm said...

On a nautical note - what did you think of the Coutt's nose dive yesterday?

PM of NZ said...

pdm - Have seen impressive pix but not video. Yesterday? I thought I saw the pix a couple or more days ago. Has there been another?

Has the potential to be a very entertaining sport to say the least. Much like F1 or Indy 500 - flat out, give it all you've got, awaiting the McNish type crashes. Literally living on the knife edge. Especially with super-sized racing cats. Bring it on.

pdm said...

There was a short clip on one news last night. They also ran it on breakfast this morning.