Friday, June 03, 2011

Obviously didn't talk to Murray...

The artists tried several times to catapult pillows painted as school buses at a man wearing a mask in Mr Bush's likeness.

It had proved difficult to successfully launch something from a catapult in a way that could cause a fatal injury

The losers continue.
It did about as well as I think it would have if it was really attempted ... so we feel like we've done a fairly accurate job of recreating the situation -- kind of like a myth-busters exercise.

Oh, "a fairly accurate job"? Really?

I'll show you accurate! Try standing 250m to 300m downrange of Katie or Sir Isaac when they are firing 1kg plus concrete balls. The
proven right here in NZ repetitive accuracy and effectiveness is quite unbelievable for the not so modern artillery technology. (Katie uses about 200kg of lead in that bucket)

Accuracy and deadly force such that if you were not killed outright at the first volley you would soon require a change of underwear.

I'm sure Murray could give these tossers some lessons. For free.


Murray said...

They wouldn't like the lesson I'd give them.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell were they protesting against Bush? He hasn't been President for more than two years, and he was never President of New Zealand.

Murray said...

They're the left Steven, we try not to understand the way their brains function because it hurts to be that stupid.