Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scary [updated]

The racist separatist mofo is ahead by almost 450 votes at 80% counted. In for the money.

At 99.3%, 790 ahead. Obviously Liarbour being 'well organised' with free KFC for a vote hasn't worked out West.

God help NZ, the populace still has its hand out for more of my taxes wallowing in victimhood.


Anonymous said...

But PM of NZ, you should have wanted Labour to win this one.
How come NZ gets evemore dimmer?
This guy should have been sidelined, but no...

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, the lefties are losing cohesion.
This guy and his fwit mates will do more damage to the left than anyone dreamed possible.
Of course, he could likely lose at the general, in which case my hopes are down the drain.