Sunday, July 17, 2011

Attracting negativity

Post Election 2011, bound to lose parties will only have themselves to thank for negative results.

Voters will forever associate Liarbour with redistributive rich prick envy taxes and the evil CGT. Not to mention being in the thrall of unions and greens.

They will always associate ACT as being a bunch of rudderless losers that has a half decent message but exceedingly poor implementation. If they can't sort themselves, what chance of properly controlling New Zealand Inc? There is room for their type, but the vehicle is a write off.

Voters know the likes of the Maori Party, Mana Hone and Winston First are racist. On top of that the first two are separatist tossers in the trough for 'our people'. Ansell was right about them - 'rape whitey for they've got whilst the door is ajar' is their bottom line ethos.

The greenies are a different kettle of fish, forever desperate to be part of any real decision making team. Well known as the source of much red tape and weird ideas such as a totally ignoring property rights, along with their outrageously expensive eco-loonery. God help us if they ever gain any real reins, but unfortunately they infest local government.

Such is the nature of the political beast, all of their own undoing, rightly attracting much negativity which will long last past Nov 26th.

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