Saturday, July 09, 2011

In fine fettle

the hijab, though I'm sure most of us think it silly, in the same way we think Exclusive Brethren women silly with their inevitable covering of the hair. You see head scarf and you know you're looking at bigotry.

No, it's the mask. The scarf wrapped round the head and underneath it, just below the eyes, the niqab. What's more, it is intimidating.

It says: "I am not part of your filthy heathen community. I'm here enjoying all of the privileges the enlightened West can provide, but I don't really approve of you all and have no desire to be part of you. I am happy to be a long way from the atrocities, monstrosities and medievalism of the country I fled, but still, I cannot be part of you."

Holmes at his best in cheeky darkie mode. In fine fettle. Must be time for Mr Henry to let rip.


KG said...

I've never been able to stomach Holmes...until now. That was one damn fine column.
Now wait for the ignoramus multiculti apologists to pile on......


Indeed, that was an excellent column from Paul Holmes.
I was surprised at his soundness.