Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fence sitting...

Over the past 30 hours or so I've read some pretty vitriolic exchanges resultant of the Norwegian tragedy. It has exposed extremes on both sides of the political spectrum with a hell of a lot of 'they said this, they said that' shouting negatively past each other.

The issues need debate without a screaming match shutting down reasonable response. Both sides are delving into political esoterica with which I as a Joe Bloggs voter cannot hope to ever keep up or argue. I'm entitled to my views as much as yours.

I still think Brevik is a stark raving nutter who has caused a lot of agony and personal tragedy. And his extreme cause will now be at the top of the most wanted lists.

This is not the time for political points scoring from either the left or the right, but for saying these extremes are too far.

Having said that, this blogger will remain on the fence, hopefully a bit more right of centre than some.


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Jeremy Harris said...

The Standard has been in it's usual apoplectic self-righteousness since it happened, with their faux grief, all while rubbing their hands in glee at their opportunity for petty political point scoring.

To be honest, it annoys me that some on the right aren't condemning this guy as the lunatic murderer he is and pointing out that Norway (and us) should have the death penalty exactly for this type of person who uses ideology - any ideology to commit such acts.