Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey Vodafilth! [update]

I know the kiddies are on their winter hols watching porn till all hours, but those of us paying exorbitantly per megabyte for data via your at best marginal wireless vodem connection are really suffering and would like some download bandwidth.

Since Monday, the downloads keep freezing, are extremely slow and next to useless as they regularly drop off. The only useful time is early morning when the exhausted kiddies finally hit the sack, but by 0730 the problems start again till after 2200
daily. After hours, there are no issues.

If there was an effective rural wireless alternative, I certainly would not be using Vodafilth.

Must be their time of the month! DPF also sends Vodafilth a shittagram.

Been there, done that with their 'customer service' queues. Well trained on buck passing. Service and VF? You've got to be joking. They email you a satisfaction survey whilst you are still in the queue of the damned!


Charmaine said...

Try Farmside. I have been with them for 2 years, not the cheapest but if you look at the bundles they are a pretty good deal. http://www.farmside.co.nz/mobile-plans.html

Charmaine said...

Sorry look at http://www.farmside.co.nz/ultimate-bundles.html

PM of NZ said...

Cheers for that Charmaine, been there for a look ages ago, but will have another squiz. Too expensive from what I've seen in the recent farming rags and I can't carry a satellite dish around with my laptop.

Also I don't consider 2deg an option as I think they use Vodafilth as their rural carrier round these parts - would just have another layer of technical uselessness to contend with.

Charmaine said...

Fair call. I have to admit I use Vodafone for mobile because XT is crap out where I live. Do use the satelite wirelessly round the house though.