Friday, July 08, 2011

The heat in the Liarbour kitchen is rising

Of late those over at the stranded have gone into full 'shoot the messenger' mode as the rout of Liarbour approaches via the upcoming elections.

If your message is deemed not to be supportive of their world view, you cop a ban. The heat in the kitchen is rising.

Bereft of ideas, penniless and punch drunk flailing wildly are the hallmarks of Liarbour.

A comment I've made at Keeping Stock as any of the right persuasion making comments at the stranded are banned until after the election.

Losers. I can't be buggered going over to the leftie sewer to get myself banned. I'll just keep lurking now and then. Hell, I feel so dirty after being over there - it's worse than looking at porn.

ps I/S at NRT gets all the kudos for his quick and unreserved apology.

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