Sunday, July 10, 2011

"fundamentally different from any reasonable interpretation" [updated]

The Maori Party says an Act party advertising campaign featuring the headline "Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?" is deeply offensive.

Not half as offensive as I see this country heading for apartheid. Yes, some like me do have a fundamentally different view of the interpretation of our colonising document.

As all New Zealanders are British subjects, there is no room for pandering to ideas of 'partnership' and independence. ACT has the message spot on, National is way off target with changing it's spots to gain power by cuddling up to racist separatists.

the relentless Maorification of every bloody thing in New Zealand

Now is the time to draw a line in the sand (while we've still got access to the beach)

Key was an "idiot" who was the "most lily-livered Prime Minister" and a "massively incompetent economic manager"

Prime Minister John Key and Attorney-General Chris Finlayson were "grade-A idiots" but he admired the Maori Party for taking advantage of them. "When the white man opens the door and says come in and rape us, of course, if you've got any sort of business like sense you'll go for whatever you can get."

Missed this earlier. Some at ACT say what needs to be said and done but Brash hasn't the balls to run with it. And we've had three years to know that National's had their cojones lopped off.



KG said...

Thanks for the H/T PM.
They find it "deeply offensive" eh..what a surprise. But they don't counter it with facts--because being offended is considered to be argument enough. After all, it's always worked for them in the past.

The Gantt Guy said...

Like KG, I sincerely hope they continue to find ACT's positions 'deeply offensive'. Two reasons: One, it means they're devoid of any rational counter (which we knew anyway), and Two, it presents the Quisling Key with an interesting dilemma come November. There's no way he'll be able to govern with both ACT and the Apartheid Party, he will have to choose one or the other. Does he go with what he knows is right and choose ACT (especially if they manage to get somewhere around 10%), or does he continue his craven course of appeasement and go with the Party of Apartheid? If he does, what concessions will they extract?

Interesting times!

mawm said...

Good for ACT. We do not have to appease these "black mother-f**kers".

The Gantt Guy said...

I see the Quisling Key now saying he believes he can work with both ACT and the Apartheid Party in government.