Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lynch mob blooded

"It's over. Period"

I hope that Alasdair Thompson can put this unfortunate period of his life behind him

The screaming unionised hordes win again. Once again, a mere male is lynched by the baying mob for his rightly forthright views in the workplace. A view which I fully support. Views which have been proven many times, but some do not like to front the issues.
it was a sad day when people could be hounded from their jobs simply for expressing controversial views

In a free society with a robust tradition of vigorous and open debate, it should be possible to raise such matters - and be wrong about them - without being destroyed by lynch mobs

Sir Roger goes into bat for him. Too late as the unionised not only have his balls but his corpse on the slab.

And gains zero support from those who should have backed him to the hilt. Shame on you Mr Key. Shame on you Air New Zealand. Shame on you EMA.

What a bunch of eunuchs we males have become!


pdm said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

I particularly liked the term "screeching harpies" from Mrs Danvers over at No Minister. It'll all come back to bite them in the bum.

In the past I employed professional men and women to do equal work for equal pay. From this experience I would never again employ any premenopausal woman. They get paid the same….but never perform to the same standard as men, never have the commitment and are less reliable. As for sick days……

I'll keep this one anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. It is not possible for a male (more specifically a white middle aged male in a managerial position) to express any opionion that could be construed as slightly controversial or non PC, even it has some truth about it. Key et al would never have supported him, it is all about personal agendas and not getting off side with the vocal pink side of our society. A sad day for New Zealand and the notion of freedom of expression. Unfortunately it would appear that only the so-called down trodden are able to amke derogatory, questionable or belittling comments without being called into question.

pdm said...

Where is the media frenzy about the Bach allegations which include verbal abuse and assault?