Sunday, July 31, 2011

Despatching the ACT corpse

a serious right-wing contender could block Act from winning Epsom, meaning the party would die unless it got to five per cent of the votes

Bring it on!. Somebody needs to do it quickly so I can waste my vote on someone else. Even the inner circle are making unauthorised posts on FB. Probably pissed in charge of a keyboard at that time of the day.

Deliver the ACT corpse some horrendously overdue finality by driving a stake through its dysfunctional heart.



NZ does need a decent right-wing party.
I had hoped Don Brash would have brought a relaunch for ACT.
But it doesn't seem to have worked.
I doubt a few months before election 2011 is the time but the right will after have a rethink after the election.

Redbaiter said...

I advised Brash against using the ACT option. It was never going to fly. A new party was what he needed.

PM of NZ said...

Well overdue in my book.

Unfortunately those with the nous (Brash, Boscawen) required to lead a new right thinking new party will be forever tarred as being failed ACT nutters.