Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The Government will overrule a decision by New Zealand's highest court on the Urewera terror raids

The new law will be applied retrospectively which means no trials are likely to be aborted and offenders would have no ground to appeal their convictions

Abhorrent? The thought that toerags in train for conviction could get off on such a technicality is abhorrent. Even more abhorrent is the thought that others could appeal or slip through the net.

You know that when the rabid hooooman rights campaigners like I/S at NRT, Locke, and some QC living off legal aid gravy train scream blue murder the gummint has the laws spot on. We need more affirmative action like this. At last maybe a gummint showing spine.

Retrospective you say? Excellent! Hope those terrorists have sobered up after last week's post getting off pissup.

Can't wait for the upcoming bleats to the UN. "No, Sir, We were just camping... but our human rights are being trod on." Take them down!


Anonymous said...

Right on. Property rights are all fine and anything in principle, but when the state wants to plant cameras in your house they're abhorrent. You can always trust the state to do the right thing eh?

PM of NZ said...

Maybe Anon those that warrant such covert operations on private property should look at what they might be doing that might attract such attention.

Imho, I do actually place some trust in the state to do the right thing, probably because I do not engage in things that might otherwise give cause for concern.

Anonymous said...

You don't think the state is capable of running a power company (or whatever), but it's able to make judgments, without enough evidence obviously, on who just might be doing something illegal and so plant cameras on their private property in order to catch them in the act?

"I do not engage in things that might otherwise give cause for concern."

How do you know that? Your faith in the gummint is quaint and quite touching.