Monday, September 26, 2011

Compulsion? Liarbour can't resist

a "bigger, better" KiwiSaver

I'd like to see the situation where you had a universal savings programme in New Zealand as soon as that could be achieve

Liarbour offers yet more compulsion after the CGT trouncing.

When will it learn that more taxes and endless compulsion is not the answer?


Anonymous said...

NO COMPULSION! And ban gayers and drugs.

PM of NZ said...

Jeez Anon, you've really got it in for those homosexuals. And now you've added druggies to your list.

Anonymous said...

Just holding a mirror up chief. Don't recoil too much.

PM of NZ said...

Nothing wrong with the view in my mirror Anon. Concerned about yours though. Is there a drug addled homosexual in your reflection?

Anonymous said...

yep standing behind him reaming him a new one