Thursday, September 01, 2011

Housing NZ caves into gangs

Housing New Zealand has dropped a $1 million legal bid to evict three women with Mongrel Mob connections

Indeed. The well resourced Housing NZ proves the law is utterly useless as New Zealand is lost to the gangs. One wonders why Mr Plod gets out of bed each day.

What chance does a private landlord stand in evicting gang filth and their enablers?


Mort said...

how the fuck can you spend $1m win 5 different court cases and then just give up?
Every single person involved with the case from the top down needs to be summarily sacked, and not replaced.
It would have been cheaper to buy a 1 acre block in the rimutakas, and put 3 pre-fab keith hay 3 bedders on the site with water tanks, self contained sewerage and solar panels and then give them title, with a note to not come back

Oswald Bastable said...

I was thinking White Island.

KG said...

You beat me to it, PM. I've posted on it anyway, but with a rather more..um..irritated tone.

KG said...

Mort, they'd turn them into a slum within a week.
White Island too, Os.

PM of NZ said...


I'd always expect you to eloquently frame the debate with the right words. Nothing less!

Anonymous said...

"New Zealand is lost to the gangs"
Only the maori gangs, cops are busy trying to stamp out any competition to those.